Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to Strippers on Demand. Arizona’s Hottest Strippers. Tipping is a custom in stripping. These girls are fun, hot, and very wild. They rely on your tips for encouragement. Show your love and appreciation for the sexy girls who get naked and naughty. All you have to do is invite them to your next event and let the fun begin.

Strippers on Demand provides you with the hottest Strippers in Arizona and we want you to have the best party possible.


Each dancer works hard to earn a living. Stripping may seem like an easy job but much time and preparation goes into it. These strippers are real people and should be treated as such. The more respect you show, the more fun everyone will have. Please do not be rude to them, or ask them for sex. These are entertainers, not escorts. If people are disrespectful, the dancer has every right to leave the party before the time has ended and no refund will be given.


Although each stripper comes equipped with costume, toys, and all party game materials: it is imperative to make sure you have done your best to make your house stripper friendly. Please provide a room for your entertainer to change/get ready in. Make sure the main room of entertainment is private so that the outside world cannot see your private party. Please close all blinds or curtains. Place a chair in the center of the room for your guest of honor. The chair should preferably have no armrests. This will assure that the guest of honor gets the closest, most embarrassing strip show of their life.


All guests must be at least 18 years of age. It is illegal to strip for a minor and consequences include jail time and/or large fines. If a guest looks to be underage at the party, they will be asked to show a valid driver’s license or I.D. So make sure to bring it with you.


Choosing a quality company can be the difference between a successful event and a complete nightmare.
Please contact us to gain information about our entertainers and services.


We suggest that you reserve your entertainers as soon as possible. Our entertainer’s schedules fill up quickly, and their availability is on a first come first serve basis. Because of this, it’s not unusual for us to be completely booked on weekends, so don’t wait until the last minute to make your reservation.. Book now and make any necessary changes later!
All we need to make a reservation is your name, phone number, location, and date of the event. The rest of the information can be given to us as you finalize your plans.


WE MAY REQUIRE A DEPOSIT depending on the type of party. In the event of a cancellation, the following policy will be upheld: Cancellations received from the time of booking up to 24 hours prior to the day of the event will be subject to a $50.00 processing fee per entertainer. Reservations cancelled less than 24 hours away from the party will be subject to a $100.00 processing fee per entertainer. If at any time within 3 months (90 days) of the cancelled event you choose to reschedule it: all processing fees originally charged will be credited towards the new date’s event.


No refunds, adjustments and/or discounts will be given after services have been rendered. Rendered services are where ANY dancer has performed as agreed or revealed any part of her body. All rights to credit card charge backs are forfeited.


Strippers on Demand will make every effort possible to provide you with the entertainers that you have requested. However, in the event of an emergency, we reserve the right to substitute the entertainer that you have requested with someone comparable. Please keep in mind it is impossible to guarantee all selections of performers by potential clients due to availability, scheduling, and routing. We do not guarantee that any particular performer will be available for any one event. We try our best but the function of this company is to provide entertainment by exotic dancers.

It’s helpful, but not necessary to have an hour window for the arrival time of your entertainers.

When making your reservation, provide helpful information:
Inform us of any time constraints / plans that might affect your show time. Costume Choice, or Special Requests, backup contact information for the night of the party. Hotel information such as; room number (if available) or the name your room is reserved under.


To prevent people from being offended, let your party guests know ahead of time that there will be exotic entertainment at the party. Inform your guests of the show format and tipping etiquette so they come prepared and will have an opportunity to participate in the entertainer’s activities. As the host of the party, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone follows the entertainer’s rules and treats them with respect. Don’t let your guests bring people you don’t know and risk them ruining the party.


Make sure there’s a suitable area for the entertainers to perform. There should be enough room for them to move around safely. All windows and doors visible from the outside should be covered. If you have hard floors such as tile or hardwood, please place a throw rug or some blankets down for padding. Keeping your strippers motivated and feeling safe results in you and your guests having a sexy, fun filled night of partying!


Be considerate of your entertainers. Smoke outside or in a room away from the dancer’s performance area.


Make sure there’s suitable parking for the entertainers. If parking is an issue, please let us know ahead of time.


Our entertainers often perform in hotels. If you’re planning a hotel party – keep in mind locations, accessibility, parking, and security. Make sure the room is large enough for all of your party guests and the entertainers to perform their show. We recommend that you book a suite or joining rooms as this provides more space and helps with the noise levels as well as giving the dancers a private changing area.


With the exception of Strip o Grams, public places such as restaurants, clubs, bars, and other types of businesses must be closed to the public or in a private room. All windows and doors should be covered. The person booking the show must have WRITTEN PERMISSION from the business owner for the entertainer to perform.


A party is only as good as the crowd’s participation. Play along with your entertainer, as it keeps the energy of the party going. Be a positive host, set a good example by tipping. It’s up to you to start things off, step up and have some fun. Get a lap dance, play a game, go for it and your party guests are sure to follow.


Tipping your entertainer is essential. All exotic dancers work for tips throughout their show. This is industry standard, and all of our entertainers operate according to these standards. It’s helpful to read our Female Show Descriptions to understand the show format and tipping etiquette. Make sure you inform your party guests so they come prepared and will have the opportunity to participate.


To ensure a night of fun and lasting memories, it is imperative that you and your party guests treat the entertainers with respect and follow their rules! As the host, you want to make sure your party goes smoothly. It’s your responsibility to keep your guests under control. Keep in mind that it only takes one person to ruin a good party. If anyone breaks the entertainer’s rules, is rude, disrespectful, causes pain and/or suffering, or behaves in an intimidating or threatening manner, will result in our entertainers ending the show and leaving with NO REFUNDS GIVEN.


Our entertainers understand your event is a special occasion and they’ll do everything they can to help make your party a success and exceed your expectations. If your entertainer makes a request, please be kind enough to respect their wishes. Trust them, they really do know what works best.

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